Hello, my name is Anna-Lena Faix and I studied Fashion Design at the University of Applied Science Trier, Germany, from October 2011 to July 2015.

Here, in my online – Portfolio you can find some samples of my private -and freelance work.

In the first semester I participated in a competition hosted by C&A for their 100th anniversary. During my second semester I got the chance to take part in a competition, which was organized by the National Museum of History in Luxembourg. The task was to reflect the identity of Luxembourg through fashion. For the third semester I designed a collection inspired by the idea of „purism meets nature“. I passed my fourth semester as an exchange student at the „University Politecnica, Centro Superior de Diseño de Moda“ in Madrid. In this year I had the chance to work with „Ana Locking“, one of the most famous designers of Spain, and to take part in a phenomenal fashion show which was organized and sponsored by „Grazia“ Spain. In my fifth semester I created a men’s streetwear collection inspired by the topic “just need to get away”. Following this year I went back to Spain to do an internship with the newcomer/ upcoming fashion designer Moises Nieto. During this internship I had the great chance to be part of creating a collection for the Fashion Week of Madrid in September 2015.

In July 2015 I finished my Bachelor of arts with my final collection “cocoon- the transparent society” at the University of Applied Science in Trier.

Afterwards i worked in a big fashion company in the color department and later in a small fair-trade fashion start-up in Frankfurt am Main, Germany. Nowadays I´m designing and producing my own bags and working as a freelancer for different labels. Here you can find my bags-  www.faix-design.com

„Faix“ is the name of my fashion creations. I love to design fashion and in general I like to work in an experimental way by using different kinds of materials. I love prints and art, so nearly all my collections includes prints.

It is important for me to avoid the usage of animal based materials and support sustainability and fair-trade.

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