cocoon. invisible shell. bachelor.

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The liberty of today is like a transparent shell. Within its existence it lets us breath and at the same time it encloses us.

21st century society in the western world opens up a great variety of possibilities in self development,  in consumerism and the flexibility of lifestyle for the individual within society.

All these unlimited possibilities feel like freedom, but nevertheless other causes must be mentionend. Intermidiality and voluntary publishing of personal details, associated with the monitoring and storage of data lead to the exploitation of the freedom of the human race. At first it might sound contradictory and absurd, but nearly everyone in today’s society is familiar with a feeling of “breaking out”. Where does this feeling come from in today’s society of unlimited freedom?

This is my vegan BA collection.

Invisible Shell – COCOON – Transparente Gesellschaft from Provo Kathi on Vimeo.


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